My name is Josephine. I am a high school teacher and mother of two daughters. I am writing to thank Tim Schatz for guiding me through the medical insurance process.
Despite holding a master's degree and feeling competent about handling my own business, I have found working with medical insurance companies extremely difficult to navigate. I've found them to be complicated, unclear, many times unfair, full of uncertainty, and utterly frustrating.

During a teary and desperate online search for affordable insurance for my children, I stumbled upon your number. Although I knew you couldn't change premiums or rules that were limiting insurance options for my children, I was thrilled to find a team of people who were able to give me competent answers to all of my questions, quality advice about how to navigate and speak with medical insurance companies, and suggestions of how to make sure I have the best available insurance for my daughters.

Thank you for everything you do. It's both refreshing and a great relief to find people that know as much and care as much as your team!


To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing this letter to recommend the agency services of Minnesota Health Insurance Network (MNHI.Net). As a company we have been very pleased with the level of integrity, product knowledge and professionalism of the MNHI.Net team. Over the last five years our members have been happy working with MNHI.Net and have provided relayed positive feedback of their experiences. We continue to recommend Minnesota Health Insurance Network to our members because of their reputation in the industry, extraordinary customer service, and their ability to shop all the health insurance options for our members. In five short years, MNHI.net has been able to provide affordable health insurance to over 1200 of our members and their families.
We are pleased with our relationship with Minnesota Health Insurance Network. We recommend their services to any other organizations or business in need of quality health insurance solutions for their employees or members.


Tim, I want to thank you again for all of the work that you and your team have done to get our enrollment going. I know it took a lot of educating me and a big rush to get it all going. I'll add that I've seen a few benefits enrollment systems, and this is far and away the clearest to understand, easiest to use, and quickest.
I'm extremely pleased with all of the support you & your team have been able to provide to all of us. Thanks, Tim!

John and Cindy

I met with Tim last week to discuss a complex health insurance situation. I am presently on Medicare and Cindy is on the open market using UCare. Tim walked thru the existing and new employer coverage and discussed them in a manner I could understand.

The result was we will be signing up for coverage with my new employer. The added benefit is a $500 per month savings for us!

Thanks Tim for the great work!


Thank you so much for being part of the miracle I experienced today.
The message you left on my phone was just what I needed to hear. So in case you need to hear this...you were much appreciated this week.


We attended a very informative experience to learn about our retirement plans. Sandra was so incredible and genuinely concerned about all of us.
Speaking with her today, I am incredibly amazed at your employee and her Informative response.


Thank you for your follow up. I think it really demonstrates your professionalism and dedication.